The best pre-inspection Checklist

Using the Pre inspection checklist attached below will make you understand what you need to do to run a safe restaurant or pub and get a better food hygiene rating.

An environmental health officer (EHO) will look at these 3 areas:

1. Food Hygiene Practices
2. Structure & Cleaning
3. Confidence in Management

To explain briefly, ensure your staff follow food hygiene practices for storage, preparation, cooking, cooled and reheated (HACCP checklist). Maintain your building & structure and the cleanliness of equipment and the premises. Confidence in management – conduct 4 weekly reviews with your team to manage food law requirements effectively and how you close out any issues.

This checklist covers the key things that may be checked during the day of inspection. Your rating will be based on what an EHO sees on the day. If you answer a “no” in the checklist, then make sure you work on that question before the EHO visits.

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