New Era of Smarter Food Safety

It was the movie Minority Report (2002) that first drew my attention to Artificial intelligence. Imagine a world where the police unit is able to arrest a murderer before they commit the crime. This is the model the FDA wants to implement – Using data to predict a food safety incidence before they happen and then prevent it. I have studied Chicago State’s approach to this. Chicago used data to predict which restaurants are likely to cause a food safety outbreak and they intervene early before an outbreak occurs. You can call it dynamic resourcing.

Google has also partnered with Harvard recently to undertake similar tasks with some initial success. When authorities take interest in digital technology, it is time businesses take it seriously and stay one step ahead. All digital transformation starts from one byte of data and not one piece of paper. This applies to small, medium, big companies.

Going paperless, structuring your data is a good place to start connecting the dots. Importantly, an end to end business digital transformational strategy is essential to sustain it.

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