Boost Your Hygiene Ratings

Boost Your Hygiene Ratings


Are you awaiting inspection or have a low hygiene rating or perhaps you want to maintain your high food hygiene ratings with ease?  We have identified top 3 tips that will make you breeze through inspections and get you 5 stars. These tips have been collated after interviews with UK food safety experts with years of auditing experience. Learn more about the Food Standard’s Agency’s hygiene rating scheme

1. Fix Previous Issues

If you have had previous inspections where the EHO raised some issues, ensure all issues are closed. EHOs tend to look at your previous report before they visit. So be prepared to demonstrate they are fixed.
Issues not resolved may affect your confidence in management scores and other scores as well. You can add any requirement related to previous issues to your monthly reviews to ensure you constantly monitor any deviations.
You can also raise notifications in Safeintel notification section to assign any task that needs completing and monitor the closure. This is also a way to demonstrate you are on top of all issues using a digital food safety software

digital HACCP system and paperless food safety software

2. Record Keeping

Safeintel provides the structure to organize all your hygiene and food safety checks in one place. Your records are your proof that you are complying to the regulations. Ensure you conduct your reviews weekly and monthly to stay on top of your checks. With Safeintel, even if the manager is not available, the staff still have access to all records for inspection. Reviews are so important. A pop-up alert will remind you when its due.

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3. Train your Staff

There is no substitute foreffective training of yourstaff. Use the SFBB pack to trainyour staff. The “information button” in the Safeintel checks is a good way to reinforce training. Take advantage of it to add pictures of what good looks like, video of procedure etc. Using Safeintel to train your staff on how to conduct temperature checks and other checks is one way to support and demonstrate training.

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