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Safeintel: Revolutionizing Food Safety Management with Innovative Software Solutions

Innovating food safety management with user-friendly interface, dynamic analytics, and compliance tools. From temperature checks to waste tracking, simplify operations securely. Predictive features and seamless tracking ensure comprehensive compliance with ease.

Safeintel app features:

  • Dynamic data analytics and visualisation on dashboard
  • Easy completion of food safety temperature checks including fridge temperature checks, opening checks , closing checks and waste log
  • Maintain your food safety management system and HACCP system up to date all the time
  • Instant notification raised and assigned for complaints, supplier defect, maintenance, accident, product incident and lots more
  • Seamless tracking of all comments generated during task closure
  • Smart compliance provides diagnostics of your food safety compliance status providing you insight into areas you high and low performing areas
  • Automatic weekly and monthly reviews saves you up to 60% of time required for review
  • Significantly reduce the potential for data falsification and allows for faster detection
  • Helpful tips and information added to requirements to reinforce understanding
  • Predicted Hygiene Score feature predicts your hygiene rating before your audit enabling you close out outstanding actions and boosting our hygiene rating

Join the revolution in food safety management with Safeintel today!
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