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Safeintel is a leading UK food safety compliance software provider formed by food safety experts. Our digital food safety software helps food businesses easily comply to food safety regulations. We help you achieve better or maintain high hygiene rating with ease.

Compliance need not be complicated!  Let our affordable software take the stress away from you so you have more time to focus on delighting your customers and growing your business.

Safeintel and Shropshire Council are now in a primary authority partnership. This is great news for our clients. It means our clients can get legal protection for the assured advise we provide through this partnership. Our digital food safety system has been reviewed and approved by the council.

Our temperature sensors are now fully and seamlessly integrated within our digital food safety system. No more manual checks, no more missing checks and no more paperwork. Monitoring your fridge and freezer temperatures couldn’t be easier. Stop worrying and start monitoring. Comes with email alerts.

Paper-free. Stress-free. Safeintel is your one-stop shop for food safety and health and safety compliance. With our EHO approved checklist and customizable HACCP system, we set up your business in few hours! Our professional team will guide you all the way.

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Safeintel Solutions

Save time and cost

Conduct your opening , closing , food safety temperature and H&S checks online ;Saving you 60% of time spent on managing paper work.

Stay compliant

One platform to manage your food safety management system and HACCP seamlessly. Get greater visibility of compliance status across multiple outlets.

Single and multi site

Our software is suited for both single and multiple site businesses. Dynamic performance dashboard can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

5 Stars guranteed

Safeintel is complete. As it has been approved by EHOs, if you follow the checks and reviews , you are highly likley to get a 5 star as many of our clients have.

Inspection ready

Be inspection ready all the time. With 1 click , generate summarized food safety compliance reports for your weekly and monthly management reviews

Boost staff confidence

Improve consistency in maintaining high standards. Reinforce learning through quick access to integrated food safety tips provided by our food safety consultants.


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